State-of-the-Art Dentistry From Our Family to yours!

Some examples of our advanced dental technology include:

  • Amalgam separator: Instead of allowing mercury from old fillings to enter the public sewer, this equipment collects the amalgam for proper disposal.
  • Digital imaging/X-rays: Digital imaging improves the safety and clarity of dental X-rays to deliver more precise results.CEREC
  • Intraoral camera: This camera gives us the ability to image the mouth at angles that were impossible just a few years ago.
  • Additional:
    • Soft Tissue Laser
    • CEREC

In addition to having the latest technology, we have the most experienced, best-supplied dental office in Lodi. To put this technology to work for you and your family, call Lodi Valley Dental Dentistry at (608) 592-4398 to schedule a visit.