Digital imaging is an extremely important and innovative tool in dentistry. This method of imaging differs from traditional dental x-rays primarily in the benefits it provides for both the patients and the providers.

First and foremost, digital imaging improves the safety of taking dental x-rays by greatly reducing radiation exposure to both our patients and our team. Digital imaging protects the health of the environment as well, by eliminating the need for chemical waste usually produced during the process of developing film.

Digital imaging makes your visit not just safer, but more comfortable as well! The process is much faster and more comfortable than traditional x-rays. To ease the scheduling commitment of visiting the dentist, it also saves our patients a lot of time with instant images that allow for shorter appointments and waiting times. Digital imaging even makes our jobs a little easier by helping us explain and demonstrate treatment plans for our patients!

As always, Lodi Valley Dental takes full advantage of the latest computer technology with an all-digital instant x-ray system. Using digital imaging, we are able to keep our commitment to giving you best possible dental treatment right here in our office.

Digital Panorex MachineDigital Panorex Machine

At Lodi Valley Dental, we believe in using the best of the best technology, so that we can provide our patients with the best of the best care. That’s why we use Digital Panorex Machines for your digital x-rays.

X-rays taken with the Digital Panorex X-ray dental machine differ from other digital X-rays in that they take a “panoramic” picture of the teeth. This means that the machine makes an entire half-circle motion to capture an image of the whole oral cavity in one shot. Like all digital X-rays, Digital Panorex X-rays reduce the amount of radiation patients and team members are exposed to during a standard X-ray by up to 90 percent.

At Lodi Valley Dental, digital Panorex x-rays are only necessary on initial visits and every few years thereafter.